About Judge Amy

Judge Amy Tucker was unanimously appointed by the Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court to serve as the Presiding Judge of County Court at Law 3 on July 1, 2021. County Court at Law 3 is a family court which is designated as the Child Protection Court for Montgomery County, Texas. This includes ALL cases filed by Child Protective Services (“CPS”).

Prior to her appointment, Judge Tucker served as the Associate Judge for County Court at Law 3 for 8 1/2 years. Before that, she managed the CPS Division of the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office for 11 years. Judge Tucker has over 20 years of courtroom experience with CPS cases and is one of only 47 licensed attorneys in the state of Texas who are double board certified in Child Welfare Law and Family Law. She has participated in over 5,000 CPS hearings and has been actively involved in improving outcomes for over 3,000 children who have been in foster care.

Judge Tucker is deeply passionate about the Child Protection Court, and she led the charge to give it a final home in County Court at Law 3. Judge Amy Tucker is the first presiding judge in the history of Montgomery County to officially designate their Court as the Child Protection Court. She brings the highest level of expertise to the Court and strives every day to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children in our county.

County Court at Law #3 is a specialized family court and Montgomery County’s Child Protection Court.